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Sep 16 Ray McGovern Lecture on Freedom and Security (Kate Buchannan Rm., HSU) pic map

Sep 12 Paid Election Clerk Positions Available (Humboldt County) pic

Sep 9 Landmark 9/11 Truth Film Festival to be Live Video Streamed Sept 11th (Online/Oakland) pic

Aug 31 ride to Portland (mckinleyville)

Aug 28 Let's prevent military casualties, PTSD (Mckville)

Aug 24 My views were censored on Straight dope (Mckville)

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Sep 17 America (iv) map

Sep 17 Environmentalist signing petition to ban water

Sep 17 Treeshitter Eco-Trash! (Tree,s)

Sep 16 re Environut Fires

Sep 16 Time for Kitzhaber and Merkley to Go (Oregon)


Sep 16 Vote No on Measure A (Shasta County)

Sep 16 25 ways obama has violated the law (infidel) pic

Sep 15 Environut Fires (Oregon)

Sep 15 re Another summer full of throat, lungs, eyes irritating

Sep 15 Another summer full of throat, lungs, eyes irritating smoke and ash ..

Sep 15 I'm sick of recalls (Gp)

Sep 15 Yes on Measure A (Oroville)

Sep 15 "salmon ,gold rivers...(Illinois Valley)"

Sep 15 Re: "Morons..." (Armed infidel!)

Sep 14 I support the path from Stingy Ln to Anderson River Park (anderson) map

Sep 14 Have a political project in Chico? We want you! (Chico)

Sep 14 re;re;salmon ,gold rivers (illinois valley) map

Sep 14 re; morons,infidels. heed the warnings (o)

Sep 14 "logic" ???

Sep 14 Fish Killing Logic? (Space)

Sep 13 Sheriff speaks to Agency (BLM/US Forest Sevice) Mission Creep

Sep 13 Armed BLM 'Gestapo' Threatening Rural Citizens

Sep 12 RE: Salmon Beds Destroyed by ALL Fly Fisherman (ALL Streams) (What a Whack Job) map

Sep 12 Obama officials confirm that it was a drill and no children died

Sep 12 re obama

Sep 12 re: Right from the liberal greenie's mouth (NOT!)

Sep 12 Vacation

Sep 12 re obama map

Sep 12 "Salmon beds"

Sep 12 Salmon Beds Destroyed by ALL Fly Fisherman (ALL Streams)

Sep 12 Obama the worst (rv)

Sep 12 KS Wild- The Truth! (Ashland, Oregon)

Sep 11 re: Odamna's faithful

Sep 10 Odamna's faithful

Sep 9 Harmed by Veterans Administration? (White City) pic map

Sep 9 Harmed by Veterans Administration? (White City) pic map

Sep 9 'Amerika' dumbass

Sep 9 'Amerika' dissenter...

Sep 8 Oregon Governor - Richardson vs. Kitzhaber

Sep 8 re: Re: Re: 'Amerika...'

Sep 7 Re: Re: 'Amerika...'

Sep 7 re: 'Amerika'? Except for the puppy, the last five...

Sep 5 Let's see you huffin' again, Chris Mecca (cave junction)

Sep 5 Ah.. Breath of Fresh Air aka Sanity map

Sep 5 'Amerika'? Except for the puppy, the last five...

Sep 4 mandated =nazisam $$$$$$$$$ (GP HIGH) map

Sep 4 morons infidels (talent) map

Sep 4 sympythisers bware (illinois valley) map

Sep 4 4th amendment violations (soverignland) map

Sep 4 amerikans 79% die of finances (Above u) map

Sep 4 Unspoken cost of raising minimum wage! map

Sep 4 Re: Is it really a "Justice System"??? (SisQ) map

Sep 2 Government Hypocrisy! map

Sep 1 Is it really a "Justice System"??? (County Wide)

Sep 1 Retired EPA Scientist is frustrated that scientific studies are not un

Sep 1 Introducing wolves into Southern Oregon

Aug 30 A crooked Judge took away my gun (cave junction)

Aug 30 FREE - New in box (3561 Scorpius Way) map

Aug 30 Kiss Gilbertson goodbye (cave junction)

Aug 29 Re: Is it really a "Justice System"??? (County Wide) (County Wide) map

Aug 29 Democrats For Change (1670 Market St. Redding CA) map

Aug 29 9-11-2014 BURN THE KORAN DAY (EVERYWHERE) pic

Aug 28 Eco-Nazis & Neo-Nazis - A Rose by Any Other Name...

Aug 28 Mining districts are an understanding of what miners did for themselve

Aug 28 ..federal government has no sovereign right to the water..

Aug 28 Secure (Skewer) Local Schools (cave junction)

Aug 27 Speak into the mike, sheriff (cave junction)

Aug 27 its about time (illinois valley)

Aug 27 re;sherrif speaks out LOL (IV)

Aug 26 Are you one of Gilbertson's Pedophiles, (cave junction)

Aug 25 Sign the Recall Walker Petition (Cave Junction)

Aug 25 The thieves from Grayback (hwy 46)

Aug 25 To Geoff and my army of supporters (Cave Junction & the Illinois Valley)

Aug 25 I'd only pay a tax on my marijuana (Oregon) map

Aug 25 Detroitification of a southern Oregon county

Aug 24 Too the Tools in the Tool Shed You've Been Led (Reality) map

Aug 22 Re,re- Adbitch Jones (ASSHOLE!)

Aug 21 RE Adwoman jones map

Aug 21 Fish Killer Hypocrits????? Cry Baby Dredgers Give it a Rest map

Aug 21 Hey, Adman Jones (ASSHOLE!)

Aug 21 Catch and Release Fishing? (Oregon)

Aug 20 Walker...

Aug 20 Anarchism (Chico) pic

Aug 20 Recall WALKER (Josephine County) map

Aug 20 re Klamath Co Commissioner Dennis Linthicum, and Mr. X

Aug 19 How to Stop A Bad Land Management Plan BEFORE it Affects You.

Aug 17 Real Conservatives are Conservationalists

Aug 17 King of Africa

Aug 17 I'll grow up when you do

Aug 16 the difference is

Aug 16 Conservative conspiracy theories are always off topic (and distract from policy) pic

Aug 15 A little off topic but related (to politics)

Aug 13 Words... Do have meaning... Are We Using the Right Words?

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