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I do what I call “forestscaping.” It’s like landscaping for a forest. Taking a forest in the human modified state that it is in, and trying to bring it back to as much and health and beauty as possible.
Often my work is cleaning up forests that are overgrown, have been logged in a messy fashion, or have survived fire. At this point it’s really just clean up, and the long term goal of beautification is years away.
The first step for me is often removing dead wood first, dead trees, and dead downed wood, either removing them completely, burning them in piles, or just piling them up in open spaces so they can break down safely. Then removing impacted trees, often making choices as to which tree lives and which is taken out. Our western forests are too heavily impacted, and for the health of the trees, many need to be removed. When logging companies come in they take the biggest most marketable trees, I try to leave those trees as the “Champions” of each grove, giving them space to grow, rather removing unhealthy, and smaller trees.
Trimming trees is also critical, though it’s best to do when the weather is cold for the health of the trees. In the dead of winter is the best time to go and remove as many lower branches as possible so that the trees can spend their energy reaching up to the light. Again, burning or piling all those extra branches is critical to the health of the overall forest.
It is my passion to do everything I can to preserve the health and beauty of our forests. I hope I can help you with whatever piece of forest you are in steward of.

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