Water, Agricultural Tanks 5,000 Gal & More!! (Kneeland)

Water, Agricultural Tanks 5,000 Gal & More!! 1 thumbnailWater, Agricultural Tanks 5,000 Gal & More!! 2 thumbnailWater, Agricultural Tanks 5,000 Gal & More!! 3 thumbnailWater, Agricultural Tanks 5,000 Gal & More!! 4 thumbnailWater, Agricultural Tanks 5,000 Gal & More!! 5 thumbnailWater, Agricultural Tanks 5,000 Gal & More!! 6 thumbnailWater, Agricultural Tanks 5,000 Gal & More!! 7 thumbnailWater, Agricultural Tanks 5,000 Gal & More!! 8 thumbnailWater, Agricultural Tanks 5,000 Gal & More!! 9 thumbnail
condition: new
make / manufacturer: Snyder, Bushman
model name / number: Brand Span-kin New
Hello America!! Land of the free!! Come get your water, agricultural, and chemical storage tanks! Your storage solutions. From 5000 gallon to 15,500 gallon tanks, we have what you need. Call/text Nathan at 760-819-1471

Yeah, I'm a small-time business. Veteran Owned. I promise to give you the best service and deals though. Give us a jingle and you will be welcomed with kindness and friendliness. We value our customer service beyond anything.

Tanks can be delivered!! Of course, I would need to charge a little something. My family and I need to eat also.

Yes, we deliver the oversized tanks!! There 12-14 feet in diameter so they can be a challenge to deliver. If you want one make sure you have a 12-14 foot wide and 15 feet tall access. Might want to trim your trees and bushes first!!

We specialize in oversized tanks. Oversized loads need special permits to haul. Haul at your own risk!!

Snyder Tank Sizes

1. 15,500 Gallon. 144” wide by 244” tall. Oversize load. Part No. 44816
2. 12,000 Gallon. 142” wide by 196.5” tall. Oversize load. Part No. 32078
3. 10,000 Gallon. 142” wide by 166.5” tall. Oversize load. Part No. WG 100 5330200W99803
4. 5000 Wide Tank. 142” wide by 91” tall. Oversize load. Part No. WG 7000200W99803
5. 5000 Gallon. 119” wide by 116” tall. Oversized load. Part No. 32834
6. 5000 Tall Tank. 102” wide by 159” tall. Part No. WG 7420100W99803

These are the most popular sizes. Many more sizes upon request. Can ship five to six 5000 wide’s a truckload. 5000’s are the most popular due to amount that can be shipped at one time.

Here is the Snyder website so you can view the tanks.


Facebook Web Page


My Video of the 5000 gallon wide tank.

No scammer here folks! Check out video!


Funny video of septic tanks


My blood sweat analysis of tanks.

Snyder is the best tank company in the good old USA, with tanks starting off at 1.0 sg (specific gravity). So that means they are real heavy and thick. They use a lot of high grade BPA free plastic in theses thanks. Believe me I push these puppies around!! Comes with a 3 year manufacturer warrantee. If you want a tank that will survive the apocalypse!!! This is the one Folks!!

Bushman ranks second in quality of tanks. They start off at 1.0 sg. They are the very strong and tough. They might not survive a nuclear blast, but maybe a small warhead!!

Need chemical tanks? PolyProcessing makes the best chemical tanks for all applications. Give us a buzz!

If you fail to prepare you prepare to fail!! : Tomas S Monson. Get Prepared!!!

Fyi- No Scammers.

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