2 adults with dog looking for a full time rental (Humboldt county)

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Hi there, my name is Erica (28) and my partners name is Josh (23). We have been living in Humboldt county now for 2 1/2 years in a tiny home in Trinidad. We are looking for a home to move into, a one bedroom would be fine, two bedroom would be amazing! We would be able to afford 1200 comfortably a month but are willing to adjust our finances. A little about me, I am a medical assistant at North Coast Naturopathic Medicine. I bring in 1100 every two weeks. I work from 8am-5pm 4 days a week. I do not drink, or smoke cigarettes. I have a 40lb Australian Shepherd who is a wonderful dog and has had years of training under her belt. She is 4yr old now. I have some very good references and excellent credit. Here is a little about Josh. He works 6, some times 7 days a week in Trinidad as a waiter at the Lighthouse Grill. He does not drink either. He brings in roughly 1300 with tips every two weeks. We have money saved up. We are so desperate to move out of our little home in Trinidad, and are almost at the point of moving out of the state because of the housing crisis in California. We are both very quiet people and keep to our selfs. We don’t have company over as we are introverts! I do art, and crochet and dog training in my spare time. By boyfriend is a mechanic, musician and fisherman in his spare time (which he hardly has!). I really pray someone see’s this post! Thank you for your consideration.

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