Arturia Keystep Portable USB Keyboard Sequencer - $110 (Arcata)

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Arturia Keystep 32 Controller and Sequencer
I've only used this a few times, it's in excellent condition. Great for using along with your computer direct in USB. Also great for controlling and sequencing with other synthesizers.

KeyStep | Redefining the Portable Keyboard Experience

Arturia: We started by designing our own “slim key” keyboard action, balancing the best features of compact mini-keys with the musicality of full-sized keys into this new keybed. The size, velocity and aftertouch of this new design provide the freedom of portability without sacrificing playability.

We also designed a new polyphonic step-sequencer with 8 programmable memories that you can recall at the turn of knob. You can choose gate times and swing settings instantly to change the feel of your sequenced performance on the fly. We also included the ability to record, overdub, and transpose your sequences in real time and still play the keyboard live.

Add a flexible and fun arpeggiator mode and chord play mode and you are set for hours of musical adventures.

These features alone would make KeyStep the best portable keyboard controller on the market. But we take it further by giving you a wealth of connectivity options: USB MIDI (of course), standard MIDI in and out (check), clock sync and DIN sync jacks (yes!), and CV/GATE outputs, plus a separate, assignable modulation CV output that can be used with the mod wheel, velocity or aftertouch. To say KeyStep is an amazing little controller does not say enough.


Arturia’s own Slimkey keybed with velocity and aftertouch
Arpeggiator mode: Up, Down, Inclusive, Exclusive, Random, Walk, Pattern and Order
Sequencer mode:
- 8 polyphonic step-sequences with Rest, Tie, and Legato note entry
Rate control and tap tempo:
- REC, PLAY, and STOP buttons for performance control over the sequencer and arpeggiator
Octave controls for keyboard and arpeggiator
Sustain HOLD button
Sustain pedal jack
Chord play mode
SHIFT button selection:
- MIDI channel selection, GATE time, SWING values
DC jack for standalone operation
USB MIDI connects to computers and our MCC editor
MIDI in/out ports
Sync i/o ports: Supports 1 pulse per step, 2 PPQ (Korg Volca), 24 PPQ DIN sync, 48 PPQ DIN sync
Sync select switches:
- Internal, USB, MIDI, Clock
CV/GATE outputs:
-CV supports 1Volt per octave, Volt>Hz modes, Gate output 5V or 12V for modern or vintage gear support
-CV Velo/Aftertouch/Modwheel output
Capacitive-touch pitch bend and mod wheels
Each sequence can have 64 steps, each step can have up to 8 notes
Low power; can be powered by Apple iPad® (camera connection kit required)

Number of keys 32
Keybed Slimkeys
Velocity Yes
AfterTouch Yes
Keybed LED feedback No
Built-in sequencer tracks 1
Sequencer Polyphony 8
Sequencer pattern slots per tracks 8
Sequencer playing modes 1
Drum sequencer No
Pattern chaining No
Built-in arpeggiator Yes
Arpeggiator modes 8
Arpeggiator Octave range 5 +/- 3 octaves
Scale quantize No
Chord Mode Yes
Chord Strum/Velocity feature No
MIDI CC control No
MIDI CC automationNo
Display No
Metronome No
Project save No
MIDI I/O 1 In | 1 Out
MIDI over USB Yes
CV outputs 3
Drum gate outputs No
Clock Sync I/O Yes
Sustain pedal input Yes

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