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Hey everybody, join, the Cardiff Recording Club for Mastering!
Have your 3 best songs mastered now!

Have your best song mastered for the regular club rate of $48 I will master 2 additional songs for N.C (free)....

DON'T PLAY YOUR MUSIC to anyone , (not even your friends) until you have it go through the mastering process! (industry standard professional digital mastering software used)

Hello to all you BANDS, PRODUCERS and PROJECT STUDIO users. this is James Brian from the Cardiff Recording's time to get all your good songs finally finished, mastering is the last step before you release them..................

MASTERING makes an AMAZING difference in the final sound!!
hit me back with your best un-mastered song WAV file ( is best ) and in the same resolution format it was tracked and mixed in. 44.1 or 48k resolution and 16 or 24 bit works great!
If you can't make it a wav file send an mp3 or whatever format it is recorded in and I can convert the file for you!

The first song is regular rate for a single mastered song $48 which I bill you for via e-mail PayPal invoice after I send you the master back ( when satisfied you pay me, if you don't have paypal it's easy to set up takes about 15 minutes and will help you with that ) ,then I do the next 2 masters for you for FREE!! and you will never look back...and never play your songs un-mastered again to anyone.

Because of the volume of responses , if you are interested and serious about finishing your music to compete with the big boys, please send me one stereo song WAV file with NO COMPRESSION or LIMITING on the Master Out and allow -5db (that would be -5 on your Master Fader before it goes into the red and distorts) of headroom so I can lift volumes to radio ready, if I have not received your first song file when I take my listing down off Craigslist Musicians, sorry but the offer for 2 additional free songs mastered will be no longer available at that time. ....
Mastering is a song "polishing skill" as well as process that puts your music up at radio and streaming industry standard volumes without clipping.

Your first master qualifies you as a recording club member with un-limited e-mail support from me including mixing tips and file preparation for mastering for all your tracking going into the future..

JB Fehr
Mastering Engineer
Cardiff Recording Club
  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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