Kelsie's Pet Service - BEWARE (Arcata)

I hired Kelsie to take care of my two male cats while I went on vacation for one week. Her main task was to visually see that both of my cats did not get out of the cat fenced backyard. The perimeter of my backyard is completely cat fenced, but, it is not Alcatraz. I even put on their GPS collars, just for safety sake. If a cat were to get out, I would need to know right away, so I could come home, because they would not be able to get back in their yard, due to the cat fencing keeping other cats out. I agreed to pay her for two 20 minute visits a day and one 30 minute visit a day. My very first day on my vacation at my camp, I received the text that said, "I can't find Oliver". Talk about a way to panic and owner who is concerned with their cat getting out and not being able to get back home! Not only that, but she couldn't find my cat within the 20 minutes, so guess what? She tells me, I can stay and look for him, if you want to pay additional fees for going over your 20 minutes. She did that six times! What am I supposed to say? Of course, she has me in a horrible position, she couldn't find my cats even with 30 minutes. My backyard is medium to small in my house is small. It certainly doesn't take 20 minutes to find a cat. There was one time where she couldn't find my cat and she said she was going to just leave! I called her in a panic and she asked me what she wanted me to do. I said I guess I'll have to pay you more to stay and find them, again! I couldn't think of how I could help her find my cat in the backyard so I told her to use the hose spray the backyard because the cats don't like the water and it might get them to run inside. That worked, but then she made me feel terrible by sending me texts that they're terrified because I'm making her flush them out with water. I only suggested that because she was unable to find them with a flashlight - and it was before dark. The only pictures that I received, every single day, we're of my terrified cats. It is the job of the pet sitter to be able to locate an animal, to try and make them feel comfortable and to, most of all, assure the owner that their animals are well cared for and they have nothing to worry about. She really extorted me for as much money as she possibly could. Towards the end of the week, I decided I would get home a little bit early and I would not need the very last scheduled afternoon visit. I sent her a text that she wouldn't need to come over in the afternoon because I would be home. She then sent me a text saying that because I was canceling in less than 24 hours, I would be expected to pay for the fee for the visit that she wasn't making and a $50 cancellation fee! Wait a soak a customer for even more money! at that point, I didn't want her anywhere near my house so I left my camp early and drove home as fast as I could. When I got home, I could see that other things were not done. The second job that I paid her to do was to completely soak a tree that I have grown in a large pot from a tiny sapling. She was supposed to soak pot with many gallons of water everyday so it wouldn't die. Apparently, the wind blew the tree over on Thursday, but as it was safe in the pot, by the time I got home on Friday, I lifted the tree back up and noticed that the top two thirds were completely dead - dried out from lack of water. I noticed other things that were not done, as well. I had asked her to turn on a YouTube cat playlist channel and have it playing all day long and the TV was off when I got home. There was a lot of poo out in the cat bed, and I noticed there was not a lot that was scooped in the bucket, not an entire week's worth. What else did she not do? When I texted her that she did not need to come that evening or the next morning or the afternoon, she sent me a text that I would still owe her all the fees from those visits, plus the $50 cancellation fee! She actually charged me more money for three less visits plus the cancellation fee, than if she would have just charged me for those visits. All in all, I paid almost $700 for 5 days of pet sitting, two 20 minute visits and one 30 minute visit! The very worst part of the whole thing was that she would not even listen to what I had to say when I try to tell her that she ruined my vacation. She completely ruined it. You never send a text to a client saying you can't find their animal unless that animal is truly gone. You never text them that you haven't found them and that you're going to leave, but oh, you could pay more money and I'll stay and find them! What was I going to do? She was holding all the cards, she had my keys, and my cats. She showed no empathy, compassion, or even any professionalism to hear what I had to say, to apologize for sending me those texts, she didn't even have the decency to not charge me to the absolute maximum hilt that she possibly could, even though she completely ruined my vacation. I just want to make sure that nobody has the experience that I had with Kelsie at Kelsie's Pet Service. I tried leaving a review on her website, but, of course, she deleted it. She only wants the good reviews, apparently. I do not wish to slander anyone, I am only telling the truth of what I experienced to help other people avoid what I went through. I tried to post this multiple times under community and pets, but my post keeps getting flagged.

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