Housing Needed ASAP (Arcata)

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Hello good people of Humboldt County, my name is Jade Henderson, I am writing this post in search of any available studios, RVs, fifth wheel trailers, modular homes, 1 bedroom or 2 bedroom apartments or homes around ≈$1200 or less, that allow cats and ESA dogs, either available now or soon to be available in the Trinidad through Eureka area. The gross income between my partner and I, is around ≈$5000 if that helps.
It is not easy for me to write this; asking for help especially online is something I never thought I’d need to do, so I hope this comes off as coherent as possible. In the spirit of vulnerability, I wish to explain my situation wishfully hoping the right someone could possibly consider helping me and my partner find a stable place to live. Temporary housing would also be extremely helpful as well, but if at all possible a more permanent solution is preferable.
A little bit about us, I am 29 years old, my partner James is 33, he is a private security guard and a military veteran, and I am a gift shop clerk at a local Casino, and have been with the company since 2017. We are desperately in need of housing before we end up living out of our car in the next few weeks. We have been asked to leave our current living situation due to the extreme decline in my mother’s mental health, leaving us little to no time to prepare ourselves to move. I have spent the last 7 years taking care of my mother with extreme bipolar schizophrenia, and am now in extreme need of housing as her condition has worsened significantly and altered our living arrangement.
I, Jade, have personally have been raised in the area and lived here for nearly 28 years, and really don’t want to have to leave the area I grew up in. I have 3 cats, two indoor, one outdoor; one of which is physically disabled with only 3 functional legs, as well as 2 emotional support dogs between my partner and I. If needed I can rehome 1 of my cats. As much as I really don’t want to.
We are good people. Clean; quiet, and respectful. We do not have the best credit scores due to the living situation we have been in for the last few years, and currently do not have a savings but we are willing to do what ever we have to in order to help us get into a place of our own, especially one that lets us keep our family together, even if a higher deposit is needed for the lack of credit, with the understanding that we are currently only able to make payments on a deposit, either waiting till the deposit is paid in full before we move in, or we could have it paid off in a month or two if we are able to pay higher rent payments until the deposit can be collected in full. We are open to any possible compromise or agreement that can get us into a place of our own as soon as possible. We are taking a chance reaching out publicly, hoping we don’t get scams or people trying to pray on our vulnerability.
Anything helps, even a recommendation to another place if at all possible, we are desperate and just need someone to have faith in us. We can provide proof of reliable income and character references, as well as references from our jobs if needed. Both of us are also cleared on federal background checks as well. If there’s anything available, even an RV or trailer on someone’s property, anything to call our own in order to get back on our feet is greatly appreciated; or if you know anyone we could reach out to, or know someone who could reach out to us, please contact me any time. 🙏🏼 Thank you for taking the time to read this message, fingers crossed we can find something soon!
- Jade & James 7/9/24

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