RV Spot (Humbolt County)


Dear property owner, would some extra income from renting a small space on your property be of benefit to you? We are a responsible, quiet couple (55+) who work remotely and are seeking a secure and peaceful spot to park our well maintained and updated 19' travel trailer. If you don't have an existing RV pad, read on! Here's what we're looking for:

• We are experienced developers who are willing and able to facilitate in the installation of any or all utilities. If mains are already there, we can trench power, water and sewer from them to the site. If no mains are there yet, we've drilled wells, designed and built septic systems and installed several outdoor power panels. We actually have a 100 amp panel with several outlets in boxes with us and ready to go. This is a great way for a property owner to increase the value of their property and capitalize on the improvements with additional income from renting the RV pad in the future. It's a win-win.

• Location: Ideally situated in a safe and tranquil spot, open to virtually any area near the coast from the Canadian border to San Francisco.

• Environment: As we are now part-time work-from-home professionals, a reasonably quiet setting is crucial for speaker phone telecommunications with our clients. Hence, we fully appreciate spaces away from heavy traffic or noisy environments.

• Pets: Our best friend passed about 5 years ago and left a hole in our hearts that cannot be filled. Hence, we no longer have any pets, ensuring a clean and serene space around us.

• Duration: We are looking for a long-term arrangement but are open to discussing other terms that work best for both parties. Anything is possible and we're more than willing to help with any number of things. We are well-versed in many occupations including bookkeeping, building websites, doing graphic art, and all areas of construction including dirt/roadwork, architectural design, engineering, framing, electrical, plumbing, drywall, maintenance, etc..

• About Us: We value Truth, cleanliness, privacy, honesty, and respect for others. We are looking for a space where we can park our home on wheels to live quietly and comfortably.

If you have or know of a spot that might fit our needs, please get in touch! We're open to discussing varying rental rates, possible work-for-rent situations and any details about the location.

Thank you for considering our ad.

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