Private Personal Training and Nutrition, 100% PRIVATE GYM (Eureka)

One-on-one personal training in a 100% PRIVATE GYM (so there are never other people watching or judging you while you work out!)

Certified Personal Trainer and former NCAA track athlete (where i was coached by Olympic gold medalist Tommie Smith) with 20+ years experience working with many different types of clients with many different needs. I have worked with competitive athletes as well as people with all kinds of health issues, from spinal fusions to Lyme Disease to severe hernias to Parkinson's. I have worked with youth athletes as young as 11 and elderly folks as old as 80. I believe everybody has an athlete inside them and it is my passion to bring that inner athlete to the surface in a safe and fun way.

What I offer is results beyond what you would be able to attain in a traditional gym. My method works the body incredibly efficiently and can accomplish more in 2-3 hours per week than doing a "normal" type of program 10-15 (or more) hours. My system, which uses a variety of modalities (such as plyometrics, interval training, free weights along with yoga, massage and flexibility work to manage and prevent injuries) is challenging and rigorous, but i will get you through the tough adjustment period and eventually your body will adapt. And once you have tried it my way you will stop wondering why all those hours you have spent in the gym previously have not yielded the results you have been looking for.

Along with workouts I will teach you how to use nutrition to regulate your metabolism so that your body burns the food you eat rather than storing it as fat! My holistic approach to health, fitness and weight loss encompasses nutrition and lifestyle along with maximizing the efficiency of your workout time spent in the gym to produce the best possible results for you. Working out in a private environment means no wasting time waiting in lines for equipment, CLEAN equipment and there are no distractions (or the intimidating feelings of other people watching you work out) so we can get through the exercises quickly and concentrate entirely on reaching your goals.

Working with me you will not only experience what it feels like to push your body as it was meant to be pushed, but you will also LEARN about the science behind my nutrition program, and you will get the personal attention to allow you to apply what you learn about nutrition to your lifestyle outside the gym.

I am a great motivator and listener, and while I try to challenge all my clients, I also understand that everyone works at a different pace, and so I tailor every workout around the abilities and goals of each individual athlete I work with (yes, YOU ARE an athlete!)

Many local references. Visit my website, http://www.personaltrainereureka.com

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